As Korea slowly become awash with autumnal colours, now is the ideal time to get outside and indulge your visceral senses. Golden browns and blazing reds decorate mountains, parks and tree-lined streets, meaning that even the non-hikers among us can enjoy this masterpiece of nature. Surrounded by mountains and engulfed with trees, Seoul Grand Park is the perfect location to whet your autumnal appetite.


Escape the mad crowds rushing to Seoul Zoo and Seoul Land and head for the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. With six exhibition halls spread across three floors, among which you can find the Korea Artist Prize 2013, PhotoSight, and David Hockney’s “Bigger trees near water,” what better excuse is there to visit?


Nestled among a sea of mountains, the scenery is the perfect backdrop to the gallery. Sculptures decorate the lawns adjacent to the gallery, attracting both art lovers and picnickers alike. Why not while away an afternoon with a book in hand and a small Korean feast in tow?

autumndaze3Follow the sculpture garden to the right, away from the museum entrance, and climb a short set of stairs to the top of the sculpture garden for a panoramic view of the park.


Descend the short set of stairs and turn right, passing by several more sculptures hidden amongst trees.


With the sunlight and surrounding nature caught in this sculpture’s reflection it becomes part of nature itself.

autumndaze12As art and nature become entangled, people do too, and a series of beautiful installations are created throughout the park.  

Finally, enjoy a glorious walk along the water’s edge.


Families and friends scatter the lakeside as they indulge in a quiet, autumnal afternoon away from the city. 


A tranquil little treat for those in desperate need of a retreat.

Directions: Locate Seoul Grand Park  Station on line 4, exit 4, and head towards the National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (roughly a 20 minute walk.) Alternatively, take the shuttle bus located just outside of exit 4.

Words and photographs by Megan Odell.