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Lie Sang Bong SS13 Collection

Lie Sang Bong SS13 Collection

The trend of digital prints, originating from British designers, might have revived fashion in the UK up to the industry’s frontier, but we should now question its origin of design. You might say that British fashion is back in the game, but you might want to ruminate upon where the bigger fashion houses are now...
Fashion One Presents: Lie Sang Bong's After Party

Fashion One Presents: Lie Sang Bong’s After Party

One of Chincha’s favorite Seoul Fashion Week events was actually off the catwalk. Famous fashion designer, Lie Sang Bong (AKA the Korean McQueen), got thrown an after party by Fashion One for all who weren’t quite ready to put away those designer stilettos back into their closets. Lie Sang Bong mingled outside the VIP corners...