Just to make you all aware. It’s Jisan Rock Festival this weekend (29-31 July 2011). We will have photos and a full festival review after it has happened, but just to remind everybody: it’s this weekend.

The line-up is pretty fabulous. Chemical Brothers are headlining Friday night. It’s going to be amazing.

Other acts include:

The Music
Jimmy Eat World
Atari Teenage Riot
Apollo 18
Arctic Monkeys
Yellow Monster
The Koxx
and loads loads more…

The festival is on for three days and is set in the green Korean countryside of Jisan Valley. It’s one of the biggest events in the country and I get the impression it is going to be similar to a British festival, but with less rain, less mud and a swimming pool. How anyone could miss this festival, I have no idea; it’ll be one of the major events of the summer.

Watch this space for a our full review next week. And get yourself down to Jisan this weekend. Maybe we’ll see you there..?

How to get there
By Bus
#103 from Yongin Bus Terminal
#12 from Icheon Bus Terminal

3 Day Pass online – 198,000 KRW
1 Day Pass online – 99,000 KRW

3 Day Pass on the day – 220,000 KRW
1 Day Pass on the day – 110,000 KRW

(Images from : Theonefour)

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