Bling Magazine and Platoon Kunsthalle hold a joint Night Flea Market every month. Sellers flock to sell their second-hand wares and consumers flock to browse, rummage and indulge in a cocktail or two – although perhaps not strictly in that order. I almost didn’t make it to last month’s affair because I got completely lost in monsoon-soaked Gangnam, only to stumble across the bar about a minute before I was about to flee home in a taxi.

I walked through Platoon’s door sodden and bedraggled, a complete contrast to the uber trendy young professionals meandering around me. I even spotted one girl looking spotless in a SS11 Prada dress that must have cost at least a million won (see if you can spot her in the pictures below!). Although ordinarily I would have been happy just to people watch for a while, the array of stuff facing me made me eager to begin perusing. Rails and piles of vintage clothing, unusual artwork, handmade jewellry, old-school sunglasses and toy watches were in abundance, scattered over all three floors of the venue.

Some of the sellers overpriced their items but many of the items seemed reasonable. I came away with my purse feeling considerably lighter after picking up some vintage Lanvin heels for w30,000 and a dogtooth YSL cardigan for w20,000. I also spent a hefty w9000 on a glass of mediocre chardonnay which – unlike the other items – I couldn’t convince myself was worth it on a ‘price per wear’ ratio.

There seemed to be a social element to selling at the market, with groups of people sitting on the floor besides their commodities, chatting away, twiddling with their smart phones and doing their make-up. This made for a relaxed atmosphere, aided by the DJ spinning some chilled-out tunes.

The next flea market starts at 6pm Saturday September 3rd.

Check out the bottom of this post for details on how to get to Platoon, or have a look at their website.

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