The summer is overrrrrr, I hear you cry. Although, you should in fact celebrate the end of summer as it was hardly a summer worth missing, weather wise. The weather is now glorious and there is no reason not to go to Busan one last time. Busan Fireworks Festival 2011 is an event that we are particularly excited about and it seems most of Korea is too.

The festival takes place over two weekends and one week; from the Friday 21st Oct to Saturday Oct 29th. Both weekends have different advantages. The first weekend will include a supermodel contest and 4 firework displays from different countries, lasting 15 minutes each (USA, Poland, Japan, China).

The second weekend (and in our opinion, the best) includes the ‘Korean Wave Beach Concert’. Which means (wait for it…wait for it) 12 popular Korean Wave solo artists and groups including Big Bang, Se7en and Psy Congratulatory Performances!!!! This means K-POP, which means shamelessly singing and dancing on the beach to songs that we usually pretend not to know or like! After that, there will be an epic firework display for 50 minutes, which apparently displays the longest running image of Niagra Falls. It’s set at the beautiful Gwangali beach, against the backdrop of Gwangan Bridge and the ocean. The state-of-the-art lazers light up the sky in rhythm to the theme song chosen for the festival. Sounds pretty amazing to us.

Oh, and it’s free.

So, book your travel tickets now. We’ll see you there.^^

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