Sometimes I wish Korea would stand still for 2 days – including all the people in it. I really need a night in to pluck my eyebrows, paint my nails and do some chores. Everyone needs time to lie down, eat Pizza School and watch TV shows back to back, right? I get really uncomfortable and panicky if I feel like I’m missing out on anything, so days to be a sloth are rare. Another week, another week of limited personal time. I like it really, but it feels like this social butterfly’s wings are going to fall off sometime soon.

Girls Nite Out (Every Thursday at Club Genie in Itaewon)

This is probably one of the best free nights out there at the moment. The offers are unbelievable. Below is simply what it is about.

  • Groups of five girls get a FREE bottle of Vodka and mixer
  • Every girl gets a free cocktail
  • Guys and girls have free tequila shots, at 1am
  • NO cover charge

It would be a waste not to go.

Second Seoul Night with 10 Clubs (Friday)

10 clubs! Sounds exhausting, but it doesn’t have to be. You can always check the line-up and decide where you want to go. There are some great bands playing this Friday including personal favourites and . The value for money is great: 15,000 for 10 clubs, all the bands and a free drink. Drinks are pretty cheap in these places too – there are usually offers on all night.

For more details on the night. See

Cancer Sucks Charity Event (Saturday)

Cancer is a subject nobody enjoys to talk about. However, it is something we can recognise and try to help out with when we can. According to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, cancer has been the number one cause of death in Korea since 1983. A charity event with extreme fun is happening this Saturday afternoon. Dress in costume, win free prizes and take part in an auction for work out sessions, imported wine and lots more. For more details on taking part, see .

Drop the Bass vs. Dubstep (Saturday)

Good dubstep nights are few and far between in Korea but with the return of Drop the Bass vs. Dubstep, this is changing. The event is being held at the venue where they have the hugely popular Shake! Party at 명월관, 홍대 /MyoungWolGwan in Hongdae. It’ll be a matter of time before word spreads, giving it the potential to be one of the biggest dance nights in Seoul. Visit for more details on what undoubtedly will be an epic night.

Busan Fireworks Festival. (Fri-Sun)

The first weekend of Busan Firework Festival is coming up. The fireworks are meant to be amazing and it seems that this is one of those shows that everyone should see at least once during their time in Korea. Check out our previous post on the event.

International Champagne Soiree (Saturday: Invitation Only)

Champagne is delicious; minus the headache the next day. Dress up in your best clothes to celebrate life with a glass or two while mingling with people from a variety of countries. The event is also at the Banyan Tree Club & Spa, Seoul, which adds to the class. For those who want to do something different, see the .

Keep checking back in case we update with more events as they come in. If you have anything you’d like to be added to the event page, email .

Featured image: Seoulstyle

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