In less than two weeks it is Halloween weekend and we have a feeling it’s going be one of our best ones yet. Here in Korea, Halloween has always been great. Everyone goes all out with their costumes and for some reason walking down the street looking ridiculous doesn’t feel so wrong. This is probably because so many people are here to have a good time, or to experience some form of escapism from their lives back home.

So, the cherry on the cake, as it were, is Boys Noize‘s performance just prior to Halloween on the 29th October. Alexander Ridha (aka Boys Noize) hails from Germany and started performing as a DJ in 2004. He is well established in the DJ world, having been awarded with the Independent Music Award in 2010, as well as Best Electronic Artist on Beatport for 3 years in a row . His music has been hugely successful, having remixed David Lynch, N.E.R.D, Depeche Mode, Snoop Dogg and The Chemical Brothers. In addition, collaborations with the Scissor Sisters and his friend Erol Alkan show he is by no means considered minor league.

Furthermore, not only is Boys Noize playing, there will also be two supporting DJs: Kingmck and Astro Voize. Overall, expect to experience an intense energy of electro, house and techno and a new innovative sound. The music alone should be enough to entice you, yet the high impact visuals which Boys Noize is often praised for add something extra.

“Where? Where?”, I hear you shout. The fun will happen at Walker Hill Hotel, Seoul. Deadmau5 also played at the same venue this year, which was wicked. There are two free shuttle buses from:

Subway Line #5 Gwangnaru station (exit 2)

Subway Line #2 Gangbyeon station (exit 1)

Time to get your costumes ready, reboot and get ready for a night to dance your legs off.

Tickets went on sale yesterday at 5pm, so grab them in advance for 44,000 or 66,000 on the door; with the risk of a sell out! For more details on how to get tickets, see here. Tickets are also available through Interpark .

**Keep an eye out for other Halloween options coming soon to Chincha!?**

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