We will have an events page up as normal this week, but we thought a page dedicated to charity was necessary as the events in question are not only worth going to for the fun factor, but because everybody should do something for charity once in a while. Pay it forward and all that.

Apologies for the events page going up late, one of us is blind this week and the others are incredibly busy.

11/11/11 Charity Folk Night at Roofers

This is a charity gig on at Roofers in Itaewon. All proceeds will go to International (U.S, Commonwealth and Korean) veteran and orphan charities. Cover charge is only 5,000 won. It is not much, and is a fabulous way to do your bit for charity whilst also having a great night watching some of Seoul’s best live music. Then you can proceed onto the rooftop to enjoy the last of the beautifully crisp autumn weather (although the actual gig is inside).

Here is the line-up for Friday night.


Sterre Maier is a singer and performer from The Netherlands with an eclectic repetoire and a staggering vocal range. A Folk and Jazz set with a musicality that will astound you.


This cool LA boy will charm you with his beautifully crafted original songs and soul stirring vocals.

The Dirty 30s:

Original Folk Rock with a dash of Punk and Soul. The band comprises of brothers Geoff and Josh Goodman and singer Lizzie Gask.’

HELP! 11-11-11

Help 111 is a second charity event on in Hongdae, and boasts a host of venues from Gogos, to FF to Club Ta. Not only is there live music in the form of bands and DJs running well into the night. Let’s face it though, you’re probably going to end up on the stage at FF dancing to the Kings of Leon, leaving at 6am for a kebab and maybe some 아침 갈비. Always the sign of a good night, and all in the name of charity.

Again, being charitable is completely affordable. At 10,000 won a ticket it would almost be rude not to go and help raise money and awareness for SOS Children’s Village.

This charity works in 125 countries around the world, cares for more than 78,000 children, provides over 100,000 children with an education in its nurseries, primary and secondary schools, supports more than 1 million vulnerable children and their families through medical centres, social centres, vocational training schemes and emergency relief efforts.

It is a cause worth giving to, and with the event this Friday; giving has never been so easy.

The schedule is up on the Facebook page and will also be up around Hongdae on the night, as well as maps and people happy to aid you in directing you to your destination.

These two events clash, although they offer up totally different things. If you wanted to it would be easy to make it to Itaewon and enjoy the calm gig of Roofers and have a few beers before heading out to Hongdae and making a night of it. You don’t have to choose one or the other.

Have yourself an incredibly charitable night, and take some Pepero with you too to really get into the spirit of things.

More information for the Roofers gig can be found and the Help 111 event .

Featured image by Joseph Chung

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