Last week I went to the COEX Aquarium, located inside the COEX shopping mall nearby Gangnam. It was a lot of fun, and there are a lot of fish there; as you might expect from an aquarium. It caters mainly for the younger generations, however there is no harm in enjoying this place, even as a grown adult.

They have 500 different types of species and 40,000 underwater life forms including fish, penguins, insects and even a shark tunnel. Although, they have no great whites or man-eating sharks they do have some huge stingrays and some medium sized sharks. It is impressive nonetheless, and it is definitely worth heading down there when you have an evening or afternoon free.

The entry fee is modest at 17,000 won for an adult, and it takes about an hour and a half to walk around at a casual pace. You could do it quicker if you weren’t taking pictures, and didn’t stop at every clown fish to say ‘ohmygodtheresnemo!’.

The COEX Mall itself is the largest underground shopping center in Asia and has it all – shops, restaurants, a 16-screen multiplex cinema, and the Kimchi Field Museum. Imagine the fun at the Kimchi Museum! Right!? You can have a whole day out there and not get bored. A lot of people are on holiday at the moment, and winter in Seoul is dragging terribly, isn’t it? Therefore, the COEX is definitely a good alternative to sitting around at home and moping, willing the cold to go away. Which, FYI, doesn’t work. It’s warm inside the COEX though. Score!

These are some of the pictures I took, I did my best but the fish were moving so fast some of them came out blurry. FORGIVE ME! I hope they inspire you to embrace the cold outside and get on a bus to the COEX.

Subway line 2, Samseong Station, exits 5 & 6, use entrance to COEX Mall.

Opening hours:
Mon-Sun 10am to 8pm.

The pictures are all Tor’s.

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