I’m doing my utmost best to make the most out of my MONTH AND A HALF deskwarming. This is professional deskwarming, sitting doing nothing on an exponential scale, I have to come up with a plan so I don’t start crawling the walls from boredom and then drop-kick my principal for making me be here.

Here are some things I do, and I am willing to pass on my knowledge to help the rest of you suffering the ordeal of deskwarming.

1. Facebook stalking. This takes, time, dedication, and I have reached a new level of Facebook obsession. It’s a real low when I come out of my half-asleep Facebook trance, and catch myself flicking through the 300th picture of someone from high school I haven’t seen in 5 years, just to see how long it took them to get fat. The answer is a good few years. Even lower is when I find myself getting upset because I have 450 ‘friends’, but get no notifications all day. Sigh.

2. Watching films is the most obvious, and usually the first thing we turn to when we need to waste time. Download everything you’ve wanted to watch, but haven’t made the time for. It’s the perfect opportunity to get through those kind-of-shit-but-always-wanted-to-watch films.

3. Watch a TV series. Get addicted, it might just save that 4 hours after lunch if you have Modern Family or Dexter to get you through. Other good shows (in my opinion) are American Horror Story, Glee, Pan Am, New Girl, Parks and Recreation, Game of Thrones, and I also watch the new Simpsons, Family Guy, and old English TV comedy shows. Make it into a game, I get a strange sense of achievement when I finish a TV series. Be prepared for the bereavement though when a show is complete.

4. Read a book. There, I said it. Doing something productive like reading a book is always good for your mind, and let’s remember you have a lot of time so that means a lot of books, as a result you will be smarter. See the logic?

5. Study Korean. We’re in Korea, and knowing Korean is something most foreigners wish they could do, but without having to actually study or practice. I’ve tried just staring at Koreans, and sleeping on my books in hope of absorbing information through some sort of osmosis. It doesn’t work. Kids, the only way to learn Korean is to study, and now you have nothing else to do – get on with it.

6. Sleep. Obviously.

7. Listening to the Glee soundtrack. I’m listening to it now. Not even ashamed, and it gets me through the day. By the way, they did a Rocky Horror episode and it was amazing.

8. Imagining friends on holiday don’t exist. Well more likey imagining that they are having a terrible time. For every picture they post of a beach or a cocktail on Facebook I want to cry on my keyboard. Then I imagine how we are no longer friends, or for at least a week when they return, and no I have no guilt in feeling this way.

9. Trawl Tumblr, Stumbleupon, Digg, or just the internet in general. I like Tumblr the best, and have wasted many an hour looking at pictures, and reading pointless quotes. Stumbleupon is very popular, and it does bring up some shit, but also some random fabulousness, for example; pictures of the sky reflecting on the ground so it looks like people are walking on clouds. What more could you want?

10. Learn something that interests you. For example, my friend brought his guitar in to school and learned the guitar. I am watching instructional videos on how to do PHP and MySQL programming. Don’t judge me, it’s a slow week.

By the way. All native teachers should have seen this, but if not then it’s hilarious. Watch it now.
It’s funny because it’s true….

Aeroplane picture from Loren, the others I took at my desk just now. This is my life, and I’m counting down the days until I leave.