Here we are, on a fabulous three day week (two days in my case!). We hope you all had an amazing Lunar New Year break, we sure did. One third of Chincha is lazing around in Vietnam somewhere, the other was sick and just ate a lot, and as for me, I went on a successful snowboarding trip, only to come back and twist my ankle on the subway steps. Typical. All in all though, a successful and well deserved break for all. There are some amazingly fun things this week, just take a look below.

I’m Fucked Up on Friday – Friday (Obvs)

Want to get drunk for free? Erm, yes! If you sign up on guest list it’s free before 11:30, or 15,000 after. You can drink unlimited tequila, lemondrop, vodka shoots and more, for free, obviously. Also, if it’s your birthday you get a bottle of vodka. Don’t you just love Korea? For more info have a look at the Facebook

O’ngo Saturday Cooking Class – Bulgogi & Geotjeori – Saturday

When you move to a new country you should try to learn the language, at least the basics. If you can’t be bothered with that then try to learn to cook the food. Korean food is delicious and it would be pretty cool to go home and show your family and friends how, ahem, cultured you are. This Saturday you can have a Korean cooking class on how to make bulgogi and Geotjeori (fresh kimchi salad). Classes are taught in English by professional Chef Hyejin. If you are not free this weekend then there are other dates and dishes available. Look here for more details.

Futureshorts Global Film Festival – Saturday

The most exciting event of week for sure. Futureshorts is coming to Seoul, as well as various other top cities around the world. Here is your chance to see six of the worlds best award-winning short films. Held at the awesome venue that is Platoon, it is a great start to a Saturday night. For more details check out the Chincha!? preview.

Dan Deacon – Saturday

This is going to be a really popular choice for Saturday night. Dan Deacon is considered by many as an electro-pop genius and is well known for his live performances. There are a few advance tickets still available, but you can also buy on the door. You can see the Baltimore based DJ play his first Korean show on Friday in Busan or in Seoul on Saturday. For more details on Dan Deacon and how to get tickets visit SuperColorSuper’s site.

Seoul Electronic Music Festival Afterparty – Saturday

For those who are having SEMF withdrawal symptoms, then here is the answer – held at club Answer! (See what I did there?) Club Answer, as some of you know, is an uber stylish hangout, with DJs this Saturday including Astrovoize, Conan Kingmck and more. Here is SEMFs page for more .

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As always, let us know if you feel there is an event we should list and we will let you know if there are any updates.

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