It’s Valentine’s Day next week, giving you an entire weekend to find someone to cosy up to in time to receive heart-shaped gifts on Tuesday.  Hopefully our pick of events this week will help you either find the one you love, or at least get drunk enough to love the one you’re with <3


An Escape Journey: Snowboard & Ski Spa Camp Party with Bands & DJs

If I hadn’t almost broken my neck snowboarding last weekend I’d definitely be keen for this Phoenix Park getaway.  There are different packages that you can choose from depending on how long you’d like to stay, with prices to match.   All is handily explained .

Yongpyeong Ski Festival

There’s also a ski event at Yongpyeong this weekend, with 30% off accommodation, ski rentals and lift passes for foreigners.  For the full details you can go to the official page on Yongpyeong Ski Resort’s website.  You can also check out our review of skiing at Yongpyeong, written by one of our contributors Julia.


Seoul City Suicides and On Sparrow Hills

This event is included this week mostly for the rather risqué poster, backed up by the claim that it’s going to be ‘the best night of your life’.  This gig is going down at Woodstock in Itaewon from 11pm -  on Facebook, if you want to read all the sexy details.

SHAKE! Dance Party

This is meant to be the final SHAKE! Dance Party, which is a pity since it’s been such an institution in Seoul for lovers of funky music in the last two years.  We’ll be sorry to see it go, but at least it gives us in excuse to one last sweaty fling about on Myoungwolgan’s dance floor in its honour.  All the details can be found in this separate post we wrote, including a little about the history of the night.

Mauro Picotto at Club Ellui

Here’s a useless fact for you: I went to university with Mauro Picotto’s sister-in-law.  Several degrees of separation aside, Picotto is a much-acclaimed techno DJ and is playing at Club Ellui in Gangnam this Saturday night for an entry fee of 30,000 won, plus a free drink.

Multi Present: Trumpdisco (Common Trolls/ Australia)

Multi have brought another up-and-coming international act to Seoul.  This time it’s Trumpdisco, an electro/dubstep duo ‘celebrated for their nasty hardcore beats’. Having had airplay on Kissy Sellout’s BBC Radio 1 show and remixes used by The Bloody Beetroots, it’s fair to say that this Saturday at Mansion in Hongdae should indeed be a banging night.  The doors open at 10pm and more info can be found on the  about prices and guestlist.


Lamb of God at AX Korea

The hardcore band are at AX Korea on Sunday night.  I won’t be attending as I don’t need any reminders of my faux emo phase circa 2007, in which I feigned the ability to understand the lyrics of bands who sound like raptors. Rawr.  If you are still all about guyliner and being straight edge, then it’s 99,000 for tickets on Interpark. Have fun!

For other event listings Seoulist Mag has reported on some atypical goings on this weekend, including a Comic Convention, Zine Launch Party, and an Adopt a Pet Meeting.  If you know of any other events that we should be talking about then email us at or leave us a comment below.

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