Are the -13 temperatures getting you down? Don’t you just wish you could be cozy, warm and eating smores? No fireplace in your tiny apartment? Want to pretend it’s 1997? How about a warm pixelated fireplace? Foolproof, danger-free, and suitable for even the most clumsy people who should not be let loose near a real-life fire.

Ted Martens, a video-game designer and artist created this digital fireplace. It’s compatible with Windows and Mac OSX. This is more than just some orange pixels on the screen –  you can type in commands and pretend the summer is here, toast marshmallows, throw in some fireworks, have an emotional moment lying alone in your apartment throwing in some pictures of ex-lovers into the blaze to be forgotten forever, or extinguish the fire with a bucket of water.

You can relight your fire as many times as you wish and the inferno will last about 30 minutes. It is said there are a few less-well-known commands – although Martens suggests typing in ‘hotdog’, ‘paper’, or ‘eat’.  If you burn your smore and type in ‘blow’ you may be able to blow the fire out.

If you need some inspiration here are some Flickr pictures of people putting this fire to good use. If you always wanted an excuse to buy a projector or a big TV; here it is. Don’t those pixels look wonderfully warm and inviting?


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