This week’s top hitters. Zoom.

Friday 3rd March

Bass Attack at Myoung Wol Gwan

This Drum & Bass and Dubstep night is still running at the basement bar with the mouthful of a name.  It costs 10,000 won for entry pre-11pm with a free drink, and 15,000 afterwards. are all the details.

Saturday March 3rd

Platoon Night Flea Market

You should know by now that the start of the month brings the ever-popular Platoon Flea Market.  Since we’re slowly starting to leave winter behind, Platoon will also be holding a BBQ outdoors in the parking lot, so you can grab some vintage clothes while eating a burger. Sweet. Here’s Platoon’s website and here’s a write-up we did of a previous flea market at Platoon.

IAC present: The Nude Collection

The International Artists Community of Korea are launching The Nude Collection on Saturday, an exhibition whose name is very self-explanatory. The opening reception starts at 5pm at Gallery Golmok in Itaewon and the exhibition itself will run until the 14th of March. On Saturday there will be musical performances by The Dirty 30’s and CJ Kim, along with a video performance by Tiger and Bear. For all the information, check out the .


This Saturday brings the return of Shindig, if you’re keen to get your dance on this weekend. The lovely people behind this event are cordially inviting you ‘to a rowdy ruckus of Motown, northern soul, surf rock, and all the garage and jukebox jams from the 50s/60s’.  Here’s the for times/ drink offers/ song requests.

Galaxy Express, The RockTigers and Guitar Wolf

Three awesome rock bands, one 35,000 won price tag on the door. Galaxy Express are playing this V-Hall gig right on the cusp of playing at the legendary SXSW Fest in the USA. Stay tuned for an interview with them about this on Chincha next week!

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