We missed VLUF’s first garage party but heard so much good stuff about it that we knew we had to make it to Volume 2.  It finally came around last Saturday, held in a converted studio in Seongsu with enough space on the rooftop to scatter sofas, a BBQ and a makeshift patio heater (aka a trash can set on fire) across it.

(who first blew us away supporting Deerhoof at Sangsang Madang in Hongdae) played a short set early on in the night, while Used Cassettes performed later on and were filmed by the Aweh and Loose Union guys.

Here’s a quick video they put together of Used Cassettes for their ‘One Song With’ series.

Magpie Brewing Co. were also there with their yummy ales, Funk In The Heart kept us entertained with their breakdancing, and we want to invite artists Supacros Crew to come round to our apartments to repeat the cool graffiti they were painting in the studio onto our own bedroom walls.

The random snow blizzard that happened at around 2am meant that it was fucking freezing without a beer jacket on, but that makes us even more excited for what VLUF have planned for the warmer days coming.

We’ll keep you posted on volume 3 and every other equally fabulous party coming up.


VLUF Platform Garage Party Volume 3 is happening this Saturday the 16th of June, from 4pm.  There’s gonna be tons of bands, interactive visual art, live graffiti, beer, beer and more beer, plus some superstar Korean DJs.  This is all happening in East Seoul for 10,000 won entry.  The party is located just out of exit 3 of Seongsu Station (not Sangsu Station near Hongdae).  The party’s address is 322-321 1-dong, Seongsu 2-ga, Seongdong-gu, Seoul.

Here’s the for more info. 

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