Saturday night’s Loose Union event wasn’t so much the tentative first steps of a fledgling video and record label but a full-blown ruckus of a launch party, leaving us feeling like we’d been sucked in and spat out by the gloriously grungy hole that is Club DGBG.  Dark basement bars always promote a sense of illicitness and the venue in question was the perfect setting for the underground bands playing – from the whimsical Wagwak to the darkly fascinating Juck Juck Grunzie.

It’s exciting to be here in Seoul at this moment in time to bear witness to projects such as VLUF, AWEH and Loose Union shaking up the Seoul music scene with their unusual, bespoke events.  Saturday night showed the continuing success of these independently-run parties and you could really feel an atmospheric buzz among an audience who were there to witness the start of something special.

Loose Union are not just documenting an alternative culture of music; they’re creating it.  And we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

To see some of Loose Union’s excellent videos head to their official website.

Were you at the Loose Union Presents party? What did you think?

Images: Verity Inett