There is a line that the Loose Union guys have come up with that keeps reverberating in our minds here at Chincha: ‘Seoul is much cooler than you thought’.  As a new video and music production company based in Seoul, it is this conviction that motivates the mission of the group – to document the underground music and culture scene in Korea’s capital by recording live performances of some of the bands within it.

Shot without the gloss associated with your average music video, the spontaneous DIY feeling of Loose Union’s films is deliberate because this is what encapsulates the dynamic Seoul music scene. The collective, comprising of South African Ollie Walker, American Danny Arens and Canadian Adam Brennan, state that they are “filming and recording a style that best captures the moment, a band in a space, performing live.”  Although the work is conceptualized ahead of time by Loose Union and the artists, as soon as the idea is crystallised it is acted on immediately to retain that impulsivity you can rarely see anywhere apart from at a live gig.

With six videos under their belts already, including the 25-minute long Loveful Heights – a documentary style film shot on a Seoul rooftop – Loose Union are now ready to launch and are doing so with an epic party that’s happening this Saturday April 21st at Club DGBG in Hongdae.  Performing bands will include several that the collective have already showcased on video, including On Sparrow Hills, Used Cassettes and Love X Stereo.  Films are also in the works for indie wunderkinds Wagwak and Juck Juck Grunzie, two more bands that will be making appearances.

Since Loose Union are throwing this party in connection with Vacant Design Project, one of the promoters of the incredible VLUF party we recently went to, we have high hopes for this event.  We always knew Seoul was cool, but with the help of Loose Union it looks like it’s going to get way cooler.

Entry to Loose Union Presents: is 10,000 won.  Doors open at 10pm – 3am.

Are you planning on attending the party?

Written by Loren Cotter.

Images: Loose Union

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