Photographer Vivian Schwab went to explore Insadong and took some photos of some ongoing exhibitions for us. Here are two of our favourites, with details of the galleries and artists.

You Hyeonkeyong Solo Exhibition : Lying
Hakgojae Gallery
From 3/28- 4/29
“Based on You Hyeonkyeong’s imagination and memories, she has been working on the individuals, and space, men and women and by setting up situations, happenings and the relations between. She especially worked on the issue of relation between with setting up the scene: male models painted by a female artist. You believes the ideal painting is done when the hand is given free rein to move about the canvas without the deliberate interventions of the conscious mind… ” – Hakgojae Gallery
Hanna Kim: The Triumph of Daily life
Arario Gallery
From 3/22- 4/29
Hanna and the Rabbit:
“To Hanna Kim, the rabbit is not just a mere subject of her work, but her best friend, and her other self that sustains her inner world. Kim’s work documents stories about the artist and imaginary rabbit that crosses over reality and fantasy… The works in this exhibition bases its narrative on the greeting from an old woman in the artist’s neighborhood. The never ending questions from her neighbors about graduating from school and getting a job diminish the sense of triumph the artist and the rabbit hold about their everyday life, and make them feel like failed youths…However, Hanna and the rabbit continue fighting through the everyday life together doing trivial things…They demonstrate that accomplishing the little things in life… and living life in the present is what really brings victory in daily life, rather than arriving at goals set by society.” – Arario Gallery
To visit the exhibitions, here’s a link to a of the area with the galleries marked out. Take the subway to Anguk Station and leave by exit 6.
Images: Vivian Schwab

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