This weekend sees the return of the annual Gay Pride Festival to Seoul. There is limited information in English about the event, but here are some relevant details to give you the opportunity to join in. If you feel like being proud this year or just supporting the cause then respect the dress code of 누드 & 핑크 (nude and pink).

The main daytime event is the parade, I have never attended in Seoul before but if Manchester (UK) Pride is anything of a benchmark then there will be gay people dressed in costume, dancing in hotpants on floats. It has always been good fun in the past and gives us a chance to display our pride through the streets of Seoul.


When: Saturday 02 June 2012, 16.30-17.30
Location: Hanbit Media Park (check the map at the bottom of the page)
Price: Free. Open to anybody who wishes to attend.
Afterwards: There are official afterparties in Itaewon. Free shuttle buses will be running from the parade area to Itaewon.


The parade isn’t the only event happening on Saturday. From 12pm all day until 6pm there will various tents, stalls, booths all offering information, souvenirs and various musical programmes to get you drinking, dancing and having fun throughout the entire day.

12.00 – 18.00: Event opening times. Stalls, tents, booths, general attractions open.

15.30 – 16.30pm: Performances – dances, singing and a Beyonce tribute.

16.30 -17.30 : Actual parade – if you are not attending in the daytime, but want to see the parade then head for the Cheonggyecheon Stream. You won’t miss it.

17.30-18.30: More performances, including the Red Butterfly Choir and Gay Generation.

20.00 – 05.00: After parties begin in Itaewon. Shuttle buses will be running from Hanbit Square to Itaewon.


The main after party is in Itaewon at Genie Club. It’s 15,000 entry, and you get one free drink. There will be ‘Sexy hot GOGO BOYS and sexy girls’, Queer Pride Pop and various DJ’s playing you out until 5am.

There will be unofficial after parties too if you don’t fancy Genie. Festivities will be going on all up Homo Hill, and there’s also the Meet Market event in Hongdae.


How to get there:

Here is a map, which unfortunately is only in Hangul. If you can read Korean then that is wonderful. If you can’t then go to Jonggak Subway stop and out of exit 4. Go straight until you see a wide road with market stalls to your left. Walk to the end of this road and you should see the festival.

If you want to take your camera then you will have to do it stealthily. Please do not take pictures of people’s faces without their permission; this year to take photos you have to have an authorised pass to do so. Being gay is still not generally accepted in Korea so people often do not like to appear in pictures at these events in fear of images appearing online with the risk that friends/family/work colleagues will come across them.

Here is more information about being Queer in Korea, and the programme for this organisation’s booth at the Pride event.

This is the official pride website. It is all in Korean except for one information page about the parade. The pictures in this article are from here too.

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