If you’re into experimental jazz-infused hip hop live jam sessions and you weren’t at Hongdae’s Sangsang Madang on Friday then you certainly missed a rare opportunity. If that doesn’t sound like your kind of thing, you are sorely mistaken and also missed a rare opportunity.

Brought to life by cultural collective Viewzic and sponsors Fred Perry, Friday’s event was the sixth of twelve Subculture sessions hosted by the iconic Sangsang Madang hall on Hongdae’s high street. The performance itself was chilled out hip-hop jazz jam session centred around producer Primary. The full line up featured incredibly tight drums, keys, an upright-bassist, an MC and live percussionist. They brought the Hongdae audience 12-minuite exploratory jams packed with blissfully smooth beats that captivated the crowd.

This style of laid-back, unpolished yet insanely tight performance is not something you would expect to find easily in Korea, so keep an eye out for Primary Skool and their associated acts in the future. If you can’t track down a live set, the collaboration’s debut album is titled Step Under the Metro and is certainly not to be missed.

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