Last week, the Japanese noise-rock duo Moja shook up the peninsula when they crash landed in Hongdae. Playing a two night run – Friday at Club FF and Saturday at Salon Badabie – we covered their gig at Club FF, which featured support from Gravity, The Magicians, Juck Juck Grunzie and No.1 Korean.

After the previous week’s Unionway Festival, in which heavyweights of the Japanese punk scene came to leave their mark on Seoul, the city barely had time to recover before a fresh assault came from stick-splintering drummer Masumi and floor-shaking bassist Haruhiko. The duo played a set that could have been measured on the Richter scale. The evening kicked off with local boys Gravity swiftly followed by the Magicians, both indie bands who were lively, melodic and at times intricate. Next up was mustached fem-rockers Juck Juck Grunzie, who brought a psychedelic twist to proceedings.

As incredible as the preceding acts were, nothing could prepare the audience mentally, emotionally, physically or sonically, for what was coming next. Moja were incredible. Blasting out a wall of sound from their very first note to their very last, these veteran noise-mongers grabbed the crowd by the eardrums and refused to let go. They left the final act of the evening, No.1 Korean, with a very difficult act to follow. Admirably they stepped up to the challenge and within a few songs had the still shell-shocked crowd skanking to their own brand of Ska Punk.

A special thank you should go to the band Apollo 18, who made it possible for Moja to come to Seoul.

Written by Gary Moran. See for more words by him and here for pictures.