Saturday night saw London-based DJ Bok Bok play at the Globe Lounge in Itaewon. This cosy venue was busy even from early on – perhaps in anticipation of Bok Bok himself, or because of the fantastic playlists from both of the resident DJs.

When Bok Bok finally began his set, he delivered exactly what was expected: heavy bass, more grime than you could shake a stick at, and of course a bucket load of fun.

Being my first time seeing Bok Bok live, I can see why Night Slugs – the famous London night that he helped to create – is so popular. His unique sound and captivating visuals created a lethal combination, transfixing both ears and eyes.

The night got better and better as it went on (and not just because of the alcohol). Bok Bok’s set was solid throughout and it wasn’t surprising that many people stayed until the very end – perhaps homage to just how good it was.

But it’s not only Bok Bok who impressed. Resident DJs Rou Set and DJ Minii both deserve a nod for kicking off a night I’m sure most would agree was a big, loud and grimy hit.

There’s no doubt that Multi – the team behind this and many other quality nights in Seoul – will be back in action very soon. Watch this space…

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Pictures by Celine Holzer.

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