As the gushing, briny fountain you call your lower back continues to turn things up to 11, around rolls another weekend and with it an appealing bundle of ways in which you can distract yourself from the fact that your body is leaking perspiration at a socially unacceptable rate. Furthermore, the will be bringing joy to your retinas in just over a week from now at Gangnam’s Platoon so take a look at the for more details.

future shorts


Studio Ghibli Layout Design Exhibit in Seoul @ Hanagram Design Museum

The exhibition will feature production sketches from the beloved Japanese animation studio that created such films as “Spirited Away,” “My Neighbour Totoro” and “Ponyo.” The show will open at the Hanagram Design Museum on Saturday 22nd of June and continue until September 22nd. For more, check out Blouin Art Info.

Alphonse Mucha Exhibit @ Seoul Art Center

Not only is the Seoul Arts Center showing , including Hayao Miyazaki himself, they’ve also got the work of legendary artist and designer Mucha on display. The exhibition of the Art Nouveau icon’s elaborate work is creating a storm amongst Seoul’s art lovers. Swing by the Hangaram Art Museum to take a look. The exhibition will run untilSeptember 22nd. Tickets are 12,000 won.

Takashi Murakami’s “Superflat Wonderland” @ PLATEAU

Takashi Murakami and his weird figures and drawings make up the world he calls “Superflat Wonderland”. You can check out this cutesy microcosm at PLATEAU in the Samsung Museum of Art. Freshness Mag have referred to him as one of the most influential artists in Asia right now and have a map to Plateau as well as some shots from the exhibit on their website.

8th – 11th August: Korea Style Week @ COEX

Not to be confused with Seoul Fashion Week (or SFW), Korea Style Week is an exhibition at COEX which features up-and-coming Korean designers, foreign clothing, indie brands and more. The main focus is to allow creators to communicate with consumers over three days. Find out more on the (Korean only) Korea Style Week website.


This Summer Feeling vol. 2 @ Mudaeruk

Following Shugo Tokumaru’s appearance at Jisan World Rock Festival and EBS Space GongGam, all of his bandmates (and Shugo himself) will be playing shows under various monikers this Fridayat Mudaeruk. Joining them will be a stellar line-up of their Korean friends and if you buy tickets in advance you will get a limited edition CD sampler of the Shugo Tokumaru Band at the entrance. Tickets are 20,000, go here for more details:

Cakeshop/American Apparel present Kelela and Total Freedom

Cakeshop and American Apparel have collaborated on a night featuring RnB singer Kelela and Total Freedom. Both are members of the LA based Fade to Mind music label and creative team. Partaking in these shenanigans will set you back 15,000 but you get a free drink at the door. More here:

Let’s Start Something… @ Platoon

If you’d prefer to gently dip your toe into the weekend (rather than taking that usual jackknife-to-belly flop approach) Platoon will be building things up at a leisurely pace with SILK/JUICE satisfyingly rummaging around in people’s ear canals with their distinctive audio q-tip, plus it’s free!


Bike Party Seoul #10

If you have access to a velocipede and are hankering for a slice of two-wheeled japery then roll on down to Hae-Hwa Station (line 4) at 5.30 for some jungle-themed fun. Click here for details:

The Tropical Meet Market @ Myeong Wol Gwan

Like an ornate cocktail of Umbongo, Kia Ora and soju (seriously though that would be flipping delish) The Tropical Meet Market will be opening it’s doors to ‘all kinds of queers and their allies.’ Fruit headdresses will begin undulating at 9pm and entry is 10,000.

Electronic Jam (Live Electronic Vol. 2) @ Keu Keu

The Apgujeong space will be hosting more acts than you can shake a synthesiser at. Six DJs and six bands will be coming together for one night and for 20,000 won you can soak up enough electronic sounds to make Gary Numan’s make-up run. Doors at 8.

Full Tilt @ BAR EXIT

Everybody’s favourite Hongdae garage will be sending off Full Tilt co-founder Y-Signal with a rowdy night of Bass and House music. Seoul stalwart Fitzwell will also be involved in the night’s revelries and entry requires no monetary transactions, so that’s nice.

Itaewon Foodie Crawl

Are you able to advance slowly on your hands and knees and also ingest nutrients? Why not show off these skills at the Itaewon Foodie Crawl? This week gobbling will be focused around the Gyeongridan area and the meet-up point is Noksapyeong Station Exit 2 at 3pm. Price is 36,000 but drinks are not included. Have a look here to find out more:

set sail

Set Sail at aA Design Museum

Australian surf folk rock band  are at  Saturday at 8pm in Hongdae, Seoul. It’s a free show, the venue is excellent, and the band have the prettiest songs.


Summer Madness with 360 Sounds @ Yeouido IFC Mall

J. Rocc, who captivated fans in Korea last year, is coming once again. His show will be performed not only with DJ crew 360 Sounds members, but also with three bands from different fields. Summer Madness is a series of parties thrown by 360 Sounds every year. The last one was in Busan. Presale tickets for the event at Yeouido IFC Mall B3, M-Pub are 30,000 won on 40,000 won on the door.

By Mike Beech

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