We are extremely proud and excited to present the first in what we hope will be a long-running series of Chincha-made mini films covering Korea. This film was shot at one of our favourite regular events, , which held its summer version of the pop-up film festival last Saturday (August 25th). Barring a few technical problems, the night at Platoon Kunsthalle was a great success, with yet another selection of highly entertaining shorts being shown. Notable hits with the audience included the incredibly moving coming-of-age movie Guest, directed by South Korean Ga Eun-Yoon, and Tumult, a British film which draws the viewer into a hilarious stand-off between a group of Norsemen and their newfound enemy.  Han Rock, the independent film sponsored by the proceeds from previous Future Shorts events was also well received.

We look forward immensely to Autumn.

Film by Mike Beech and Gaz Smith.

Music by .

Images by William R. Photography.

The next Future Shorts is on Saturday November 24th at 7:30pm. Find out more information on the . Future Shorts Seoul are also holding a film competition with a cash prize. Find out more about that .