You may have noticed that we’ve been practically AWOL lately due to being on our summer holidays. Don’t fret, though, normal posting will resume from Monday. Have a great weekend and we’ll speak to you then.

Here are some events in Seoul this week.


Seoul Fringe Festival

Hongdae hosts a fortnight long festival at the end of August, celebrating arts considered to be on the ‘fringe’ of Korean society. Seoul Fringe Festival “encourages open dialogue between artists, audience and the society presenting live theatre in an informal, accessible and inexpensive environment” and refutes standard pop culture. You can either book tickets to attend showings at any of the 20 indoor spaces involved in the fest or you can take to the streets around Hongkik University, where live public performances will be ongoing. Here’s all the info in English.



Excitingly, the New York-based hip hop, r’n'b and beats-influenced DJ will be taking Globe Lounge down on his first visit to Seoul this Friday night. With his slick look and sick tunes, Brenmar is a musician you won’t wanna miss seeing in person, and we’ve got 10 FREE ENTRY PASSES (pre-12 o’ clock) courtesy of promoters Multi Seoul to make sure you don’t. Comment on our interview with the guy himself and we’ll get the first ten people onto the guestlist. Check it out for a potential freebie and to read more about the man behind mixes like this.

Filthy Friday

XceSSive Bass are putting on another Filthy Friday night of dubstep and DnB. As far as they know, this will be the only DnB/ dubstep event this weekend. Entry is free and you can smash all-you-can drink alcohol from 11pm – 2am for just 15,000 won, making it the cheapest night out this weekend if you plan on hitting the sauce. UK artist Whit3 Noi5e is headlining and has created an exclusive mix for the occasion. Listen to it, and find out more about the event .

The newly discovered by us (and very cool) Dance ‘Til Your Dead blog is bringing Tokyo-based DJ, Das Moth, to Korea on Saturday night with his dancey, disco sounds. This should be a cracker of a Saturday night for you guys, with support from Im Byungsup (AKA hot Seoul DJ The Weekend). Party starts at 10:30pm at Globe Lounge, entry is 20,000 won. Get ready to shake it.

BBQ Party

This Alabama-themed event is a pop-up BBQ at CCOTT-DDANG bar in Itaewon, hosted by Linus, who misses real meat feasts from the American South. Hickory and apple smoked pork (with secret love sauce) is on the menu, which sounds NOM-worthy. Head there from 5 to eat, eat, eat. Info .

Beatculture at POWWOW

The new Noksapyeong venue POWWOW Seoul, which we just can’t get enough of, is hosting 17 year old Korean American artist Beatculture this weekend. The talented young DJ has just dropped his first track from his upcoming new album, and although he’s only been making music since 2011 his well-mixed, sample-heavy tunes, referencing everything from Beyonce to the sound of crashing waves, are well worth attending a gig to listen to. For 15,000 won on the door of the mini-club near Itaewon, you can do just that. Here’s the for extra details.

Words: Loren

Images: Poster by XceSSive Bass and featured image of Brenmar.

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