If previous events put on by Multi are anything to go by, I knew this one would be big. Multi have built a reputation for bringing new and unique talent to Seoul, and they continued to deliver on the warm summer’s evening that was Brenmar @ Globe. For those of you who haven’t been to Globe, it isn’t terribly big, but I see that as more of a plus than a negative. It’s very easy to find your friends and you get a much more intimate experience with the DJ.

The evening started off much to my expectations. Multi had a decent line-up to warm up the ever-growing crowd. As I arrived, Rou Set was playing: nothing too heavy, nothing too light, which was clever early on.  You don’t want to rinse your punters energy too early (reminds me of a breakfast cereal I once had). Rou Set was followed by the always impressive Shins, a young man who has been growing musically with every gig.

Once Shins had the crowd well and proper heated, it was time to introduce the man of the hour(s). Now I have to admit, I hadn’t heard much about the man who calls himself Brenmar, apart from what I’ve read/heard recently, so I had all but three days research worth of expectations to go on. This was not needed. The guy knows how to start a party. With a dirty introduction pushing a pleasant old-school r’n’b tune, I knew I was in for something special. I can see why this guy is loved and respected – his combinations are flawless and timed to perfection. If crowd reaction is anything to go by, I could have sworn love was made and lost in the few hours spent cutting rugs to Brenmar.

Huge ups given to the Multi Crew for putting on an awesome night (and actually partying with the crowd) and to Brenmar for killing it.

Review and pictures by Damien Smith

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