Remember your imagination? That inner being we were told to locate and celebrate throughout our childhood, whether we were playing games, writing a story, or watching Barney? One of the greatest imagination-catalysts of my childhood was playing dress-up, trying on my mother’s big, old fur coats or my grandmother’s gaudy costume jewelry. But why am I reminiscing about my childhood you ask? Because there is a place in Korea where female adults can gather and revisit our childhoods by playing dress-up for the day! Recently I visited the Princess Diary Cafe, a “wedding dress cafe” where women come to revel in our femininity, sip on milkshakes and lattes, and take thousands of photographs in imaginary bridal bliss. Perhaps one of the girliest experiences I’ve had in a while, or perhaps ever, you get to choose a wedding dress from a massive wardrobe of options and the ladies in the store adjust and pin it up for you. There are hilarious accessories to pair with your bridal gown, like pirate hats and bunny ears, along with a selection of heels to choose from (only up to size 8.5, of course).

Hi Mom!

Snazzy dress selection.

“Our faces match the craziness level of what we are doing.” – Sofia

This is what your teachers do on the weekends, children of Korea.

Playing dress-up. We are adult children.


The decor was perfect, channeling everyone’s inner girlie-girl, complete with a pastel rocking horse, stuffed animals galore, rose-print wallpaper, and more pink than a greeting card store in February.

Notice the pink rotary phone.

Dress-up accessories.

To try on the gowns, it costs between 10,000-30,000 won, depending on the gown. 10 bucks for an afternoon of dress-up? Yes please! You are also required to order a beverage, and there was a nice selection of coffees, teas, and smoothies. They also had a make-up selection, but with 7 girls’ purses to choose from we didn’t really need to make use of it.

Make-up and coffee. Middle school me would be so proud of me.

Take exit #3 out of the Ehwa Women’s University subway stop, walk down to the little street just before the Starbucks and turn in and look up to your right – you’ll see the sign on a close-by building.

Hamming it up.

Just chillin’ in walk-in closet filled with wedding dresses, in Seoul, South Korea. This is my life.

As for any male readers, I suppose you could have skipped this entire entry. If there’s a cafe in Seoul where men can try on Power Rangers outfits, Transformers body suits, and Darth Vader masks, I’ll be sure to report on it ASAP.

This post has been reproduced with permission from Julia Bass’ blog bassenyourseatbelt.

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