A little bit of drum and a face full of bass. This is only part of the recipe that makes up Bass Attack, the brainchild of Tong Lanus, the young entrepreneur, founder and owner of the regular club night. Bass Attack is made up of three key ingredients; love, peace and grimy dirty filthy bass.

Tong describes his baby as being something of a collective. A place for dub enthusiasts to completely rinse their ears to a healthy diet of drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep. We got a chance to sit down Tong Lanus on a juicy Seoul Sunday afternoon to ask him a few questions about this.

Chincha: How did you come up with the idea of Bass Attack?

Tong Lanus: A few years ago I was living in Hongdae, Seoul with a couple of English Teachers from England. One was a DJ (DJ Fenner) and one was an MC/Rapper (Mc Jake Pains). I had always been interested in underground music and finding new styles but it was through their musical presence that I really developed a strong interest for the drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep scenes. Once I had love for the music I knew I could do something about it. I noticed there was a lack of exposure for drum n bass and dubstep DJs.

Chincha: How important is using both Korean DJs and foreign DJs?

Tong Lanus: I think it is very important not only for the music but for the exposure of all DJs no matter where you are from. It’s the music that unites everyone. For me, I have DJ friends from Korea and around the world, so I want to make sure they can all show their talents.

Chincha: Where do you see the dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass scene going in Korea? Do you think there’s room for it to grow bigger?

Tong Lanus: I think it will definitely grow bigger. I see more Bass Attack nights! More drum n bass and dubstep being played at festivals. Maybe even more festivals in Korea dedicated to the drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep music scenes. That would be amazing!

Chincha: Living in Seoul you must have seen many changes in the music scene. Do you think it’s better for dubstep and drum ‘n’ bass to stay as an underground scene? Or do you think it’s time for the scene to be lifted above ground?

Tong Lanus: I think because drum ‘n’ bass and dubstep have been underground for so long it would be better to keep the credibility of the music to stay the way it is. With people like Skrillex making the scene more mainstream, it’s good because people are starting to like it. But it can be bad too because it will leave the underground scene, the place where it was born.

Chincha: Who’s your favorite dubstep artist and who are listening to right now?

Tong Lanus: Right now I’m listening to Rusko, Somebody to Love. He’s my favorite.

Chincha: What have you got planned for the future of Bass Attack?

Tong Lanus: More and more Bass Attack! I want to have my DJs at more festivals, maybe bring some international drum n bass and dubstep DJs to Korea. I’m so excited for more Bass Attack and the future. Peace and Love :)

The next Bass Attack night is at Cakeshop in Itaewon this Friday 26th September 2012. .

Interview by Damien Smith

Photography by Hospital Photograph. Featured image is Tong Lanus himself.