As part of the Seoul Subway Challenge organised by Tom Stockwell from Waegook Tom, nine bloggers composed photo essays of assigned subway lines in Seoul. Chincha received Line 6 and here is our photo essay capturing what keeps it excellent.

The pictures are from Dongmyo, Hapjeong, Sangsu, Itaewon, Noksapyeong and World Cup Stadium respectively. The slideshow shows all the best photos from each Station.

Dongmyo hosts an excellent flea market where you can purchase anything from a $10 polaroid which may or may not take photos, to fishing rods, and clothes. Hapjeong and Sangsu are in the Hongdae area and need no explanation of the brilliant coffee shops and restaurants that can be found in the area. Itaewon is a great stretch of Korean tourist outlets/stalls and foreign-themed bars. Noksapyeong is on the list because it’s a famous neighborhood where many expats live, including myself. The World Cup Stadium is an aesthetically pleasing and a lovely walk, with the urban backdrop present inbetween the trees and foliage.

(Hover over the picture to see which station the photo is from)

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For more photos of Line 6 visit Tor’s Flickr.

We also added our favourite shots from the other 8 bloggers to our .