The Chincha Garage Party + AWEH Block Party + Zandari Festa is a mere three days away, so we got our friend Gemma from A Fat Girl’s Food Guide to Eating in Korea to let us publish this skittles soju recipe from her blog. It’s guaranteed to have you wired up on plenty of E numbers and alcohol before getting to Hongdae.


There are tons of recipes out there for skittles vodka, so I decided to try skittles soju. Soju is crazy cheap here in Korea so it just makes sense to use it instead. I have to confess that my previous experience with skittles vodka was not at all successful. My housemates and I threw a couple of bags of skittles into a bottle of vodka and downed it. We went to a house party, but ten minutes later I suddenly started to feel very sick and spent the remainder of the night throwing up outside in the bushes. I knew it was time to leave when one of my housemates was carried home over the shoulder of a random man.

Don’t let my tomfoolery put you off making this delightful drink. I’m convinced our problem lay in not separating the skittles into individual colors.


5 bags of skittles

5 empty bottles

5 bottles of soju


Separate the skittles into their different colors then put each color in a different bottle.

Top with soju and leave for 12-24 hours, shaking every now and then.

When the skittles have dissolved they will leave a white kind of scum at the top. You can remove this by pouring the soju through a coffee filter. Refrigerate and serve. Voila! A kickass rainbow-themed party drink.

Words and photographs by Gemma Wardle, A Fat Girl’s Food Guide to Eating in Korea.