If you are a fan of electronic music or love an energetic vibe, at some point on a night out in Seoul you may have encountered DJ J-Path, MC Lucid or Kala MC. Together, these three make up the core of the loose collective Low End Theory, known simply as LET. They combine a dynamically influenced musical history from South America, London and South Africa.

If labels appeal to you, the music is “basically a representation of bass with a DnB foundation”. However, with a propensity for the spontaneous, and an incredible level of stamina, each LET event is about shedding the expectation for the music by feeding off what the people are feeling. In a sense, its the ultimate inclusive process because they thrive on the feedback to sustain and evolve the show.

There should be no pretense about their expectations. MC Lucid put it best, “It’s not about making money or putting people in clubs, but coming away at the end of the night saying that was awesome, we felt that 100 percent.” From the quirky, entertaining artwork by Kala MC to the pre-show jingle to the after mix, a vehement love of the process is very evident throughout the production. The sentiment is reflected from Kala MC, “More recently I’m into making cheeky graphics that communicate that we are really aiming for people to have fun.”

LET is enjoyable and spontaneous – low end theory, but high quality music. J-path describes their inspiration as “almost a spiritual sort of cycle. Like, whenever you focus your attention on something like recognizing an art form…you want to try to transpire it in your own way. So it’s pretty much about perpetuating the ideas you identify with.”

To perpetuate the spontaneity, a bass night with LET always includes a strong mix of guest talent. Though not present at their most recent show at Dojo Lounge in December, DJ Helix Squared is in regular rotation. The LET crew also frequently perform at mega shows and events like the renewal of the Myeongdong dance night and Global Gathering at Caribbean Bay.

If you haven’t had the chance to hear them, you can experience the LET trio at this coming Saturday at club Mansion. Also, look to their for updates and locations for future events.

Portrait photos by MC Lucid
Promo Posters by Kala MC
Written by Rob Odell. Check out his new website.

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