2012 is finished and December ushered out the year with a bang! There was a lot going on around the peninsula and once again we had tons of fantastic Chinchagram photos to capture it all. This monthʼs theme was “sounds” and we were looking for photos that would give an audial experience with just a look. There were lots of great photos to choose from but this moment captured by @janna3000 had our ears ringing with clinking glasses and “곰배!”

Some of the PE teachers. Clink! by .

And a big thanks to our runners up! We loved hearing the sounds in your photos.

The mumbles and grumbles of a crowded subway car:

by .

A little rock and roll:

by .

A quiet moment in the snow, ‘L’amour d’hiver’.

by .

And no “sounds” challenge in Korea right now would be complete without this:

He’s everywhere by .

Thanks to everyone who submitted photos during 2012. Keep them coming all through the new year! We are going to start off 2013 by shaking things up a bit. This month’s Chinchagram challenge will be a game of “I Spy”. Keep an eye out every Monday for the weekly “I Spy” challenge theme and try to capture the theme in a creative and original way. A winner will be announced every week and all 4 winners from January will get a shout-out on the website at the end of the month. Keep up with us by following @chinchamag on Instagram and tag your photos with #chinchagram on , and to win!

You can see all the entries to our #chinchagram contest and submit your photos on the official #chinchagram tumblr.

Words written and photographs chosen by Chincha’s resident instagrammer Claire Harris. Follow her on or check out her blog