Design duo MuteHouse have just arrived in Seoul and are celebrating with a MuteHouse skate deck giveaway. Two of each deck design from the most recent pressing have also made it to Korea and are ready to be thrashed on (or hung on a wall).

This is the first time the limited edition decks, which are currently only sold in the States, have been made available overseas.

The deck up for grabs? A beautiful 8.25″ Sister-Sister. The Sister-Sister deck is inspired by the duo’s Korean-American history and their consistently unmuted, music-filled studio.

To win tag yourself or your friends in or below the picture  and we’ll draw a name from the entries in a week.

Who is MuteHouse?

MuteHouse is a creative studio made up of Kevin Benishek and Jiyun Ju. Originally formed in Chicago in 2011, MuteHouse is currently situated in Seoul. The duo share a wide range of creative/cultural influence and express that through their work in both English and Korean. Mainly focusing on deeply cultural projects, the two set their sites on print, web, identity, sound, packaging and other experimental projects. Oh, and they run a small skate company, MuteHouse Skate.


English website
Korean website

Contest is now over, Tae Ho Kim is the winner!