New Blue Death

New Blue Death are a fresh new band coming out of Seoul comprised of former members of On Sparrow Hills and current members of Used Cassettes and Table People. They’ve been together writing, rehearsing and recording since the summer, opting to forego playing live before having recorded an album to ensure the songs and arrangements are fully realized before they present their work to the public.

We’ve heard an early mix of the ambitious and intricate first record, Before We’re Gone. Layers of vocals, juxtaposing guitar riffs, and heavy pianos blanket a gleefully tight rhythm section. The songs are complex, but not pretentious or proggy. The lyrics are personal, and sometimes emotionally heavy, however the band achieves a joyous grandiosity, avoiding emo pitfalls that plague so many post-millennial records.

The full album will be released through Loose Union records in early spring. Check out their first single below, ‘The Violent Season’.

on Friday March 1st with Genius and Used Cassettes. Tickets are 10,000 won at the door. BYOB.

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