If you want to make a fashion statement, Seoul Fashion Week is the place to do it. Between and during the shows, true fashionistas linger outside anticipating a closer glimpse of runway models sporting the latest styles. Before the CRES. E. DIM show, fans stood in line wearing ensembles of bright one-colored suits, over-sized hats, bold patterns, and many socks with heels, making it obvious to any passerby that they are no ordinary people. It may be presumed that at times a true fashionista cannot be distinguished between male and female. Because in the fashion cosmos, who cares?


CRES. E. DIM directly refers to the musical terminology ‘crescendo e. diminuendo’ meaning to ‘become stronger’ then become softer.’ Designer HongBum Kim conveys these dynamics through the entirety of his collections as they play an integral role in his identity as an artist. Launching his line approximately two years ago, HongBum Kim’s CRES. E. DIM is fast becoming a reputable name among those in vogue. His pieces of art have already walked down New York, Tokyo, and Paris runways yet he says, “I’m still working hard to expand, especially to the UK.”


Staying true to his theme of Mother Nature, he states, “I transitioned the concept of my work from my previous ‘extreme weather’ collection to ‘secondary earth’ for fall/winter 2013. This time around, I used earth tones such as brown, black, and grey.” He respectively stays within the bounds of earthy tones by only incorporating an occasional color such a dark blue, maroon, or military green. The patterns on some pieces contain only slight blurs of color: never fine lines or shapes, as in nature.


Reflecting the term ‘technology’ (secondary nature), this current collection delivers more distinct configurations as Kim incorporates fur and leathers to construct slightly stronger frames. Though he sections sharp cuts here and there, his silhouettes stay graceful due to his signature overlapping so that even his most extreme and fashion-forward outfits may be worn without a glimpse of unsure embarrassment.


When asked what he thought of fashion in Seoul, Kim expressed, “Although there are trends, Seoul fashion changes quickly. I feel a big revolution coming soon.” He is most-likely referring to the growing group of next generation designers, himself included.


To supplement the aesthetics of his show, his models wore minimal makeup and straightened hair, demonstrating that his pieces do not need extravagant dressing up. Needless to say, CRES. E. DIM is for those wishing to portray elite elegance with an edge. Starting this year, anyone has access to his new permanent line on Le New Black. Check out his designs at www. cresedim.com.


CRES. E DIM is located at F2, 80-77, Shindang-dong, Jung-gu, Seoul, South Korea
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Written by Marisol Park. Follow her on .
Photographs courtesy of CRES. E DIM