Seoul’s F/W 2013 Fashion week was a whirlwind of shows and celebrities spread out across two venues. While the setup was a bit harder to navigate than previous seasons, being that IFC Mall and Blue Square were 30 minutes apart by the free shuttle provided, the organizers were much friendlier than in the past. In between shows was almost equally as entertaining, as the common spaces were regularly flooded with Korean idols as well as stunning models that have reached idol status in their own right.

I wasn’t at the show G Dragon went to, but f(x)’s Amber is one of my favorite Kpop idols and for this reason Alex, the photographer I was with, only has pictures of her instead of the Jain Song show we attended. 

Inside the shows, a few trends emerged. Given the season the colors ranged from black to grey with touches of bright hues. Paneled Jackets were spotted in Men’s and Women’s wear, and in a more avant garde way at Lee Sang Bong where the collection’s main inspiration was that of a traditional Korean window pane. A lot of pile fabric, some looking very much like faux fur, was present, whereas knits were scarce. Leather, as well as vinyl and pleather in dark shades – aside from the green vinyl seen at Johnny Hates Jazz – was in abundance and used in almost ever show I attended. The Cres E. Dim show, in particular, used leather throughout the line in accents and entire pieces. Neoprene was also a fabric that made a few recurring appearances.

As far as silhouettes, wide-legged trousers for women and men in heavy-weighted materials were hard to miss as were the tailored suits in bold all over patterns for women. And something I was very happy to see, as the rest of you fashion conscious-yet-winter wary Seoulites should be too, was a variety of down jackets in appealing, dare I say flattering, designs.

Overall, the highlights this year for me were at Lie Sang Bong (see last season’s fashion coverage on Lie here), Johnny Hates Jazz, Paul&Alice, and pushBUTTON.

Knitwear was scarce but not absent. At Enzuvan.

Enthusiastic young trendsetters were shoved in every crevice available to see the shows. At Mosca.

Pleather or Leather? Regardless, it was everywhere and even head to toe as seen at the Johnny Hates Jazz show.

Sumin Jeon, one of my favorite models, walks in Johnny Hates Jazz.

Playful patterned suit at Kwak Hyun Joo.

The “PEEL” mantra at Low Classic.

Last I checked, PushBUTTON was anti-fur so I will assume this goes under the “Teddy Bear hide” trend I kept seeing.

It Girl model, So Young Kang, in the PushBUTTON show.

PushBUTTON is known for the unexpected. I urge you to go look at the rest of the collection. My favorite was probably the maxi dresses with trains so long they eventually turned into handbags for the wearer. 

All photos are credited to Alex T, a model/graphic designer/photographer/otaku living in Seoul. Follow her on .

All commentary courtesy of AJ Lund, a fashion freelancer who actually makes money bartending in Itaewon. Follow her on .

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