Seoul Urban art Project (SUP) are a collective of artists working in contemporary mediums such as graffiti and outdoor installations. According to the crew, they “espouse an ‘open gallery’ concept to communicate with people more directly, away from the traditional white cube art gallery system aiming at a particular audience.” This means they can often be found creating temporary artwork in buildings that are about to be demolished. The innovative project makes its members some of the most exciting creatives in Seoul at the current moment.

From this Saturday you can meet the group at art space Sangsang Madang in Hongdae where they’ll be holding workshops, film screenings, live paintings and seminars regularly until May 29th.

Here’s what’s going on and when, with examples of artwork from previous SUP projects.

DATE: 4 May, Sat. 12~6pm
EVENT TYPE: Artist’s Wall Live Painting
ARTIST: Aram Lee

aram lee2

Artwork from “Episode #1 Buk Ahyun Dong/북아현동” by Aram Lee. Photographer: Hez Kim

DATE: 10 May, fri. 7:30~9:30pm
MC: Garoo..
PANEL: Junk House, Handy, Jazoo Yang, Eric Davis


Artwork from “Episode #1 Buk Ahyun Dong/북아현동” by Handy. Photographer: Juno Hwang

DATE: 14 May, Tue. 4~6pm
EVENT TYPE: ‘Street Art’ Workshop
ARTIST: Jazoo Yang


Artwork from “Episode #1 Buk Ahyun Dong / 북아현동” by Jazoo Yang. Photographer: TJ Choe

DATE: 18 May, Sat. 4~pm
EVENT TYPE: ‘Taping Art’ Workshop


Artwork from “Episode #4 Euljiro / 을지로” by Moz. Photographer: Junseok Seo

DATE: 21 May, Tue. 4~6pm
EVENT TYPE: ‘Invisible Graffiti’ Workshop
ARTIST: Garoo..


Artwork from “Episode #2 Itaewon/ 이태원” by Garoo.. Photographer: TJ Choe

DATE: 29 May, Wed. 8~10pm
EVENT TYPE: Film night
MC: Garoo..
PANEL: Junseok Seo, TJ Choe, Joni Els

from on  (by Junseok Seo)

For more info on the Hello, Stranger! series at Sangsang Madang (in Korean) see the venue’s website. The events will mainly be held in Korean. For more on SUP hit up their site.

Cover image: Eric Davis’ art, shot by Juno Hwang
Words: Loren Cotter