On the west coast of Korea, hidden by the countryside rice paddies, lies a local beach called Waymook. Famous for its gorgeous sunsets, the small town boasts fresh seafood restaurants and beachside walkways, overlooking a few small islands. While young couples and families tromp around in the sand, shells and sticks, the local residents earn their money fishing for octopus, clams and other seafood to be sold to surrounding businesses. Adjacent to the seaside is a small mountain with the flora and rocks to go with it.

man and dogs

Dogs and Koreans, boats, old rope and shells alike all share the small sandy stretch of beach in front of the local town Waymook.

abandoned boat

An abandoned boat has seen better days: now bright purple blossoms and the local wildlife call it home.


Not all boats are in such neglect. Tethered to the beach, this boat waits for its next voyage into the sea.

seagulls and boy

A boy runs into a group of seagulls and scatters them, a childhood game that never seems to grow old.


A shaded bench holds a child’s forgotten seashell collection, carefully laid in a straight line.

red boat

Alongside the walkway and underneath a walking bridge, a bright red boat sits in the shade until further notice.

picture taking

Many families come to the beach to spend time together, which always includes picture taking.

lady and seashells

Elderly women crack open fresh oysters for sale, hollering at passersbys to try and entice interest.


A plastic jar full of live fish sits unattended on the walkway.


A group of friends sits beside the rock cliff, in view of the water and eats lunch, picnic style.


Bright purple flower petals, straw, rocks and string all lay in a pile beside the rock wall.


A father and son stack rocks, beachside.


A lost chair and other litter have fallen, tangled into the vines and flowering bushes of this small hill.


An older man sits, enjoying the spring sunshine, while watching the fishing boats and the sea.

How to get to Waymook (왜묵):

Take a bus to Dangjin. In Dangjin, local buses 10, 11 and 12 will go to Waymook, leaving every 30 minutes. The commute lasts 1 hour from Dangjin. Dangjin is 90 mins from Seoul – you can take the bus from Nambu Bus Terminal.

Words and photography by Sally Bucey. This is her blog.

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