Zero Per Zero Exhibit

Arts venue Sangsang Madang in Hongdae is hosting an exhibit on its first floor by ace design studio Zero Per Zero, who largely design artistic subway maps with a twist, from this week. The exhibit, named Ready to Go, ends on July 22.


The House of Human Being-Proxemics Busan

One and J Gallery always has some excellent, approachable art, and this “The House of Human Being-Proxemics Busan” show, in which Kang Hong-goo explores different Busan neighborhoods with his camera, is no different. Runs till July 30.

Before I Die I Want to ______

The Hangangjin Station area is where you’ll find an international art project that’s spreading like wildfire. The “before I die” wall is a space where passersby can share their bucket list on a large chalkboard, with the result being both funny and heartwarming. Read more about it in our feature post. Ends July 7.


Tengger Launch Party

Tengger, formerly (((10))), are this Friday night. Read all about it in our interview with the Jeju-based electronic band.

Nick Hook at Cakeshop 

Boiler Room regular Nick Hook is . The Fool’s Gold DJ, who has produced for Azealia Banks, will likely be spinning his “grimy techno-soul.”


Cafe Botton Photobooth for North Korea

Help raise funds for Liberty in North Korea by with famous expat bloggers Simon and Martina from Eat Your Kimchi. The photobooth event is on during the day at Cafe Botton in Itaewon, which serves delicious vegan snacks.

Bling and Platoon Monthly Flea Market

Roll up to Platoon Kunsthalle in Gangnam for flea market fun this weekend. The trendy jumble sale is always packed; we recommend getting there early for BBQ and browsing.

Myeongdong Night Festival

Outdoor monthly Myeongdong . Baggage, Team Boner and Airmix will be playing EDM all night. Pop down to the shopping district and cross your fingers it doesn’t rain.

Other Parties/ Events

, English-language finale,  and .


Break into a Haunted Mental Hospital

Because that’s what Sundays are for.

Women’s 100: Seoul to Chuncheon

Ladies,  at the Rapha Women’s 100. The course starts from Ttukseom at 7 a.m. Yikes. Make sure you read the waiver on the event page before taking part.

Poster: Zero Per Zero

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