Global Gathering Korea, headlined in 2013 by iconic DJ Fatboy Slim, is a worldwide music festival that pops up in various locations, with Korea hosting a version of the festival annually. This year’s party was as successful as it has been in former years, keeping dance and electro music-lovers entertained from 2pm on Saturday until 5am Sunday morning at Caribbean Bay in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province.

Here are some of our favourite shots from the event.

JuanitaHong_1 JuanitaHong_2 JuanitaHong_3 JuanitaHong_4 JuanitaHong_5 JuanitaHong_6 JuanitaHong_7 JuanitaHong_8 JuanitaHong_9 JuanitaHong_10 JuanitaHong_11 JuanitaHong_12 JuanitaHong_13 JuanitaHong_14 JuanitaHong_15 JuanitaHong_16 JuanitaHong_17 JuanitaHong_18 JuanitaHong_19 JuanitaHong_20 JuanitaHong_21 JuanitaHong_22 JuanitaHong_23 JuanitaHong_24 JuanitaHong_25

Photography by Juanita Hong. Check out Juanita’s online portfolio and her , or take a look at a project we profiled from her where she escapes into the bedrooms of strangers