Seoul Fringe Festival is an arts festival that consists of indoor and outdoor performances, a street art festival, a fringe parade, an art activities campaign, workshops, a weekly booze party, 150 artists, and approximately 160,000 spectators. If you are into arts and performance then this event is not to be missed. It will be a collaboration of artists, with allowances for the public to take part too, working their creative juices and participating in one of the biggest art events in Seoul.

As I’ve mentioned before, Seoul is an incredibly artistic and inspirational city for creatives. and I think that huge events like this allow the whole city to come alive, giving the artists of Seoul a public outlet to showcase their ideas. It also gives those slightly more unaware of the arts scene an opportunity to get involved in projects they usually wouldn’t get the change to see, and also to see contemporary or alternative performances which they also wouldn’t necessarily have the chance to see.

There are two main stems of the festival. The indoor performing arts festival, which ‘welcomes any artists in need of a stage’. It means that any kind of artist, with any kind of performance can perform. I think this is a very good thing because it means that the alternative, the weird and the wonderful can get exposure and have the opportunity to show the world what they do. Hopefully some of these low budget artists will get the exposure they need and generate a few new fans over the weekend.

The second part of the festival is the outdoor streets art festival. This is the part I am most excited about (provided the rain actually stops at some point this summer) because it is the kind of event which brings a community together. Everybody get involved, and this year there is a variety of music, street performances, outreach performances and street flag exhibition to fill the gaps between everything else that is going on. When there is such fun, and a jovial atmosphere about a place, everybody gets involved, and everybody has a feeling of unity, and in this case through art. It is going to be a fabulous event, and it will be so much fun. Please come on down to support local artists and musicians and to see the streets of Hongdae lit up once again with art, passion, music and performace. Chincha!? will be there with bells on, cameras at the ready.

It really is one of the most unique events of the summer not to be missed.

It is running from the 11th August – 27th August. So it has already started, however, we will be down with our cameras at some point, to see some of the performances and street art.

Location: Streets of Hongdae, nearby the University.

Information: Seoul Fringe Festival Website

Photos from previous festivals: Jukiseen and Favorer

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