Something fun is happening this Friday. is coming to Seoul on his first tour of Korea. If you don’t know Perfume Genius yet, you soon will. Start checking out his songs and downloading, soon enough there will be songs you go to when the mood is right.

Mike Hadreas is the face and voice of Perfume Genius, having released his debut album Learning in June 2010. Hadreas is signed to indie label Matador, who also have other big names such as and . Most would describe him as a solo indie musician. Piano is involved mostly in his music, along with soft singing. Michaels’ songs are brutally honest memoirs about loneliness, regret and sexual exploration.

Super Color Super brings Perfume Genius to Korea and it’s also their debut event at the great space that is Platoon Kunsthalle. To find out more and to get your hands on a ticket, see . It’s going to be the start of big and exciting things.

Image: The Guardian

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