If you only have a hazy idea of where to head to for the the upcoming long weekend, then why not visit Muuido? If you’re a Seoulite you can get to this island off the Incheon coast in about two and a half hours. While there you can experience something that can rarely be found in Seoul: fresh air. Pollution free, beautifully fresh air.

There are also pretty beaches, the best of which is Hanagae. Here you can find tons of seafood, the most delicious won galbi you’ll ever eat, picturesque beach huts and small hills just off the coastline that are easy to climb in beach clothes and flip flops – even if this will get you some incredulous looks from Koreans dramatically dressed in full hiking gear.

There are directions to Muuido on Incheon’s tourism page.

Here are some more snaps from the last time we took a trip to Muuido.

Where are you planning to go this weekend?