Last weekend saw Pictureplane take to the floor of EXIT Bar in Hongdae. Having spent a lot of time at EXIT in the last year, it seemed like an odd venue choice as the space inside is small and there is no stage for artists to perform on. That said, it was a pleasant surprise to see the successful transformation of the bar into a gig venue. Pictureplane set up his decks on the floor infront of the main DJ booth, and although there were no barriers or ropes the crowd were exceptionally considerate and kept their dancing out of the personal space of the performer.

Pictureplane outside EXIT
EXIT was busy, and the street outside was full of people mingling, drinking and getting excited at Pictureplane walking around talking to everyone outside. I had a few words with the man himself; he seemed pretty amped and excited to be in Korea, but surprised at the number of foreigners here. Well, what can you do – can’t escape us Westerners, even in Asia. He was down to earth though, and seemed like a genuinely nice guy.

Pictureplane graced the dancefloor at 1am, and the anticipation of what was to come drained away and was replaced by thundering beats, which even EXIT’s huge metal doors could not contain. The set he played was a dirty electro set, and he really got the crowd going. It was a mixture between serious fans having serious electro dancing fun, and then the rest of us just enjoying the great music and the vibes of everybody else in the room.

There were a few technical hitches, and the sound did cut out on numerous occasions, but with EXIT as the venue these glitches fitted the bill. A place that isn’t traditionally used for bigger gigs probably couldn’t handle the waves of amazing electricity pumping through its sound system. It was quickly remedied though and the show did go on.

Busy Street outside (apologies for the blurriness)


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