Under the idiosyncratic pseudonym of Mustache Fable, the multi-faceted singer, poet, blogger and vegan cook Danielle Arsenault is releasing her folk-tinged debut album Saving Earthworms from Sun Scorched Death at the Laughing Tree Lab this Saturday, April 7th.  She promises that many other talented musicians (including Used Cassettes, CJ IsInfinite and Jennifer Waescher) will be joining her for a spring-themed afternoon gig.

Although Danielle has been playing ukelele for three years, it’s only been in the last year or so that she started to craft her own music, previously dabbling in putting her own twist on cover songs.  She says, “I could never really do justice to the original so I decided to get ambitious and make an album.” An ambitious feat, yes, but the results are thoroughly enjoyable.  With the sweet album title and songs in Spanish and English, Mustache Fable’s debut is an unusual and unorthodox creation that will leave you singing its quirky lyrics for days after the first listen.

The launch starts at 3pm.  Entry costs 10,000 won and comes with a free button and a digital download of the album.  For more information on the event and for directions to Laughing Tree, click .

Images courtesy of Mustache Fable.

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