One of our all-time favourite things about Korea is the random festivals that appear all over the peninsula, in celebration of just about anything.  This weekend sees several excuses to get together and experience many different events, including cherry blossoms, the annually parting sea, and most bizarrely of all, walking slowly.


Drive Shower, Sizose, The Coin Rocker Boys, Beam Eyes Beam in Hongdae

This event is a punk rock show featuring Drive Shower, Sizose, The Coin Rocker Boys, Beam Eyes Beam for 15,000 won at Prism in Hongdae.  We went to a gig featuring The Coin Rocker Boys a couple of weeks ago and loved their live performance. Read this article for a review of the night and stop by the Korea Gig Guide for an intensive list of other local bands’ shows.


Platoon Kunsthalle Flea Market

The popular monthly flea market is on this weekend (not FIFTY SEOUL like we originally posted – that’s next weekend, soz!)

It starts at 5pm and there’s no entrance fee. If you wanna see pics of a previous Flea Market, here’s some  from last winter.

If you want a spring-themed Saturday afternoon Mustache Fable will be debuting her folk-influenced tunes at Laughing Tree Lab. We already previewed this event in detail a few days ago, so for all the information click here.

This is another event that’s been on our radar for a while, so much so that we interviewed the band prior to them coming to Korea.  They’re in Seoul on Saturday night but are touring the entire country, playing a record breaking (in terms of any international band that has ever come to Korea) six gigs in six days.  Read what they had to say about this or skip the middle man and find the event details firsthand.


The duo that brought the huge shuffling fad to Korea are performing at Olympic Park on April 7th of this year. Ticket prices vary according to location, with the highest priced tickets being marked at 99,000 won.  If you want to go and witness the Party Rock Anthem firsthand then head to Interpark as soon as possible to pick up tickets.

For more international concert choices, see our Big Gigs post.

Images: Mustache Fable’s Dress Rehearsal and Loren

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