Monsoon season has struck and nobody wants to go outside for fear of being drowned. So what does that leave us with? Going to a coffee shop? We do that every day of the week anyway and we need more than a coffee to get us through this dreary weather. So, just for you wonderful people, I have kindly compiled a comprehensive list of things you can do while it’s raining.

1. Obviously, go outside and run around in the rain. Or get your wellies (rainboots for the non-British) on and find puddles and jump in them. After five minutes of that and realising it’s a bad idea, move on to my more sensible suggestions listed below.

2. Go to a norebang. We have written about this before and if you have been in Korea longer than five minutes then you will be aware of the existence of the norebang. Or go to a DVD bang or a multi-room. Do some good old fashioned banging. Just like the old days.

3. Just stay indoors. Sleep. Read a book. Lay down. Sleep some more. Eat. Sleep. This is my preferred option.

4. Develop a new skill. Perhaps once upon a time you wanted to be an astronaut, a firefighter or a spy. You can practice spying techniques by learning how to message in code and making tin-can phones. It’ll be the best spent rainy day you’ll ever have.

5. Turn your living room/bedroom (since we’re in Korea and living rooms apparently aren’t a necessity) into a campsite. Pitch your tent, get the duvets and the airbed out and camp out listening to the rain while cooking smores over the grill. Or just drape bedsheets on selected furniture and crawl inside. It’ll be just like real camping but without the in-tent bath, ants nest and rocks in inappropriate bodily crevices.

6. You could always go see a movie. Although you didn’t need me to tell you that was an option. You could see what Korean films are showing at your local multiplex or try to find some English subtitled ones. See something different, eat some garlic popcorn, and have a beer while you’re at it.

7. If you really want to be productive you could study Korean. All I hear from people is ‘oh, I really SHOULD learn more Korean’, ‘I need to study harder’, and then they go and drink beer with westerners. Sit in-front of the mirror with a book and have conversations with yourself. Maybe it’ll boost your charisma too.

8. Clean your bedroom/apartment. Move the furniture around and make it feel like a new place. Do something which involves making your living area a better environment for all. Having it rain is the perfect opportunity and you’ll probably be left with a small fortune in 100 won coins.

9. Games. Playing card games/board games is underrated. Being in Korea, it’s unlikely you’ll have any of your childhood board games to hand, but you may have Scrabble or Monopoly lying around. If not, I would safely assume you have a pack of cards or some card games. Get them out and the hours will pass by in no time.

10. Go and be productive (indoors). Whip out your Korean Lonely Planet guide book and get a taxi to an indoor location where you can enjoy doing something maybe you wouldn’t usually do/think to do. If you’re in Seoul the aquarium at COEX is a great afternoon out. Actually, the COEX is big enough to enjoy the entire day. Go to a museum, have lunch with your friends, or go to a shopping arcade. I am not a Korean tour guide, so if you want to head to a tourist place of interest on your day off, get on Google.

Alternatively, even when it’s raining it’s often still hot. You could just get on the Seoul Circle Line (Green Line 2) and go around and around, enjoying the free air-conditioning. Take a book.

Words by Tororo

Pictures by Tallullahelle