With the second ever coming up this weekend, we sat down with Sam and Seb from Multi Seoul, company head and promoter/ resident DJ, respectively, to discover more about a night they say will include all their “favorite current popping underground sounds”. For an exclusive on which through-the-roof act the Multi guys are bringing next, their future plans for Seoul’s club scene – as well as what they think of it in its current state, read on.

What is Future Music Project?

Sam and Seb: As hackneyed as it may sound (but only because of its abuse from some of Seoul’s ‘party’ promoters), Future Music Project is essentially about exposing Seoul to unfrequented and underground club music that you might hear in, say, London or the East Coast’s more forward thinking and less commercially-focused venues.

There are a few reasons we decided to call the party Future Music Project. Firstly, the style of music we are playing doesn’t have an agreed upon name, but we had got into the habit of using ‘Future’ and ‘Post’ as an adjective to describe the new music coming out of mostly London. Future music is basically what we use as shorthand to describe the amalgam of genres like Garage, Grime, Detroit and Chicago house, Bass and Dubstep. It doesn’t necessarily mean the style of music is ‘futuristic’ or overly experimental. In fact, there’s an obvious retro theme than runs through a lot of the Garage and House music we are into, but the presentation is very much 2012. I guess, most importantly, we needed a quick way to articulate what we are playing in a few words.

Multi have been putting on some solid nights recently – we’re thinking particularly of Bok Bok and College. Who has been the most impressive DJ you’ve brought to Seoul?

Seb: Multi have been providing Korea with a slew of underground artists for the last couple of years now, from Lil Silva, Kingdom, Girl Unit, Roska, Pol Style, Lowbrows and so on. Honestly, we’ve never not been impressed with our bookings, after all, we book them because we love what they do. One that stands out though is Roska, who showed Seoul exactly why he’s the figurehead of the UK funky/garage scene…oh, and then there was Kingdom, who played a couple of years back. He was a bit of a gamble for Multi in that his productions, especially then, were very much ahead of the times, but it was so refreshing and inspirational it was definitely worth it.

Any DJs to look out for on the Seoul dance music scene?

Seb: A little bias of course, but I honestly believe that the Multi DJ’s, Eugene Blake, DJ Minii and Shins are the ones to watch in Seoul right now. They’re really pushing the boundaries, playing a lot of underground and often eclectic music that otherwise would not be heard in Korea. Eugene, of course, has been DJing for over 10 years now I think, so naturally his experience and technical abilities are always fun to watch and listen to. I’m actually really lucky to have a great crew to work alongside.

How do you choose acts for Korea? Is it difficult considering the notoriously non-innovative dance music scene in Seoul?

Sam: Well, it is true that the scene is dominated by very commercial electronic music, really lacking an underground base, and this was the environment we basically had to navigate in. At the start it was quite difficult to choose which artists to bring here as we had to not only take into account who we liked, but also which artists would realistically generate enough interest to make the event feasible, while staying true to ourselves. It’s taken a while but it has become much easier to decide as we have kind of found ourselves in a position where we can bring who we really want now and are incredibly fortunate enough to have the support to do so.

What’s the future of Multi?

Sam: Well first up – and you guys are the first to know – we will be bringing Brenmar from New York on August 17th. He’s high up on our favorites list. He’s just so unique. I don’t think Seoul has seen anything quite like what he brings. We are preparing a great line-up of internationals for fall, as well as building the local scene with our crew. Beyond that, Multi will be opening a space in the very near future and this is something a lot of our energy is being put into at the moment. Basically we will just keep building.

Future Music Project is a new monthly club night at Quadro in Hongdae, which is reportedly a very sick new venue squished in between other awesome nightspots Myoungwolgwan and Exit. Here’s the for more info.

Images courtesy of . The mix is Multi’s latest, featuring ROU SET, Eugene Blake, Minii and Shins.