Louvre Exhibition

Running until Saturday the 30th of September, the highly-acclaimed Louvre gallery in France has transplanted some of it’s Greek collection to Seoul. For a taste of Parisian-curated culture, get yourselves down to Seoul Art Center in Gangnam for the Myths and Legends exhibition. Tickets cost 12,000 won for adults. More info on SAC’s website.



Most people will be travelling this Chuseok, whether inside Korea or abroad. We’re still listing some possible recreational activities within Seoul, but thought we could also point you towards some of our favourite articles covering other parts of Korea. Take a look at this photo essay of Busan, a trip to Muuido and a quick stop on Chuncheon’s Nami Island.

If you’re sticking around Seoul you could also try some of the activities listed in our Sunday Funday series.


The KOXX Fred Perry Viewzic Session

Hugely energetic and entertaining band The KOXX are showcasing their talents at September’s Fred Perry Viewzic Session this Friday night. The gig at Sangsang Madang in Hongdae is part of a series recreating larger-style concerts in a smaller setting. Tickets cost 30,000 won. You can read all the details in our preview post.

This relatively new, regular night promises the “best Independent and upcoming Hip-Hop” in Korea”. Featuring up-and-coming artists Datbul, Degalo & Felony, Jangsoo and Chassidi Dae, along with numerous other rappers, Freebird is where you should be at this weekend to see some slick performances and freestyle rhymes. Tickets cost 10,000 in advance or 15,000 at the door.

Bass Attack at Cakeshop

The week-old venue is hosting the established d’n’b and dubstep Bass Attack blowout on Friday. We interviewed Tong Lanus, founder of the regular Seoul event, and he gave us 10 free pre-12pm guestlist passes for Chincha readers in return. Check our for details or the interview for more on Bass Attack.


Alpine Decline Gig at Powwow

Alpine Decline are visiting Seoul from LA, via their home in Beijing, to embark upon their Korean tour. Read this AWEH PRESENTS interview with the super charming husband and wife duo before heading to their concert at Powwow on Saturday night.

Featured image: Bass Attack night by the awesome Hospital Photograph