While chatting to Creators Project spearheads Hosi Simon and David Haroldsen, of VICE and Intel respectively, they mentioned that they like to mix things up a little. This was one of the reasons behind moving the 2012 event, which took place on Saturday, from arts warehouse Platoon in Gangnam to the Dongdaemun Design Plaza. Located in the midst of Seoul’s famous discount retail area, the Zahid Hadid-designed plaza offers a refreshing break from the towering high-rise architecture that surrounds it.

Aside from the futuristic, outdoor venue being the perfect choice for the event, the impressive line-up was also a rare treat in K-pop-laden Korea. Although 2NE1 appeared on the bill, the other artists were all either underground or alternative musicians, with hip hop artist Drunken Tiger and electro musician Idiotape headlining the event. Before the Korean heavyweights took to the stage, however, the crowd were treated to a set by the critically acclaimed electronic artist Nosaj Thing. Playing a selection of tracks taken mostly from his 2009 album Drift, along with his beautiful remix of Islands by The XX, the LA-based DJ’s performance provided one of the high points of the evening. DJ Soulscape was also enjoyable, playing soul and funk influenced mixes, as well as 90’s old-school tracks such as The Fresh Prince’s Summertime and TLC’s Creep.

After 2NE1’s whirlwind performance, which was greeted by the audience with an ocean of smart phone LED screens, the elated crowd remained in good spirits despite being subjected to a torrent of verbal abuse by Tiger JK of popular hip hop act Drunken Tiger. As an aggressive tirade of expletives poured from his mouth, most of which began with an ‘f’ and were sometimes preceded by the word ‘mother’, the English-speakers surrounding us at the venue looked bemused by this strange turn of events, particularly when he started bragging about the money he was paid for the show (100k apparently – let’s hope that was in won) and giving “props to Psy” (K-pop star who has gained recent international success with his hit Gangnam Style). Carrying on with his sour outpouring, he also chastisted Hollywood for their use of Asians as “comic relief” and brought his own brand of racism into the equation with some less-than-PC comments about “white people”. He has now somewhat apologised for this on Twitter.

All in all, The Creators Project was an enjoyable event for Chincha, allowing us to meet Idiotape, interview Nosaj Thing, film the festival, see 2NE1 close up, check out the stunning installations and have a generally good time all day and night.


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UPDATE: Tiger JK has tweeted this article and has apologised further for some of his comments.


According to some guys in the audience were heckling him, “During my set, these dudes kept telling me to horse dance , F rapping just dance. I had to cut all my song short. Without self control.”

The horse dance is a reference to Psy’s dance in the worldwide viral hit Gangnam Style. Tiger JK was offended by these comments and saw them as racist as well distracting.

Unless you were right at the front of the crowd (which our reviewer wasn’t) then this wasn’t clear to the rest of the people at the show. The story behind the comments was not clear until Tiger JK explained his point of view on Twitter 4 days after the concert.

On Wednesday, MissDrunkenCamp linked us to her website, which is the number one English fan site for Tiger JK. As someone who has known Tiger JK for a long time, MissDrunkenCamp gives her own heartfelt perspective on the situation and on the rapper himself, who she strongly insist is “one of the last people I would call a racist.” Worth a read.

Photography by Rob Gillespie.